Friday, July 26, 2013

Topics by Dint updates

Topics by Dint: Updates in process. This is a subject matter archive, an unpacking and repacking to expand on the topics.  This is a companion to our roadmap of the sites themselves, because they span travel and current events and history, politics and religion -- a broad range. See Sites by Dint,  see Dintworks: Sites by Dint.  There is always new material.  At issue is whether to continue this archive, or begin another.

Here, summaries and cross-references for comments and research on those posts, politics, religion, humanities -- a true Gristmill
Topics by Dint.  Unpacking the topics.

* Tribute. The URL here,, honors the WWII Prague child, Petr Ginz, who kept a succinct diary of events that his sister later published, Diary of Petr Ginz. see review at  Chava Pressburger, his sister:  see; and
The waste of war. Perceptive, succinct, he offers a glimpse into ordinary family life in the Nazi occupation. He was also a budding artist, with one of his drawings lost with the American Space Shuttle Columbia in 2003. Film: The Last Flight of Petr Ginz.
In his diary, in particular, Petr Ginz writes of the assassination of Nazi Reinhard Heidrich and its aftermath. See the ambush scene at the film, Operation Daybreak. We learned of him after our return from the Czech Republic.  He was held at Theresienstadt, died at Auschwitz. So, here--

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Consumer Protection. News, Talk, Sources. Truth in Labeling

Gristmill. By Dint.

Proposed rankings for labeling media products

Incitement Push News Product
Incitement Push  IP

Opinion Commentary News Product
Opinion Product  OP

News Product Fact Ratings
Summary of other categories

"Inform the People, Pursue the Truth"
Fund a comprehensive fiduciary news source, as the people news source for immediate fact checks, wire the country, computer in every home

Fact check for incendiary words. 
News tilt, Incitement Push    NT,  IP

Monday, August 6, 2012

Romney, Rumney, Roots Saga, Refuge Theory of Mormonism. Partisania

Romney-Rumney.  Tangle of Backgrounds. 
Does any thread lead to Roma? 
Assimilation, or Never a Factor? 

Does Mitt have an inquiring mind? He could answer all this.

Romney. Heritage, perhaps. Candidate Romney. Considerations.

The name had been Rumney, and was later changed to Romney. Rumney:  roots in neutral English history, places, even an aristocrat in the 17th Century; or Rumnichal, Roma. History of persecution of gypsies in England and continent. Factor in readiness to convert to Mormonism? Look at roots, an angle on history regardless of outcome.!  Part the whimsey of seeing where trails lead, see; and part a serious look at how we create ourselves, our own narratives. Are we our forbears? Which?

Roma in England:  Leicestershire, Leeds.
  • Romney - History, ethnic experience. See  Secrecy as survival tactic.  
    • Non-Gypsy meanings.  Roma root word is also related to non-Gypsy Rumenea, Roman town, meaning Saxon Fold. Romney sheep: So would Romney sheep predate Roma Romney herders, and pertain to Saxons?  Romanel. Invader at time of William the Conqueror 1066+, before Roma-Gypsies entered England in 1500's.  There are heritage and interpretation ambiguities as to any individual family. Early chronology: see adaptations of Roma culture to survival needs. Romani were banned in 1530, by parliament. Forced out on pain of death 1560's. Head to Ireland, Wales?
Does family background impact immigration views. See 

Ruminate: Would firming up questions of background humanize a candidate. Start with Dalton-in-Furness church records: when they begin, why so late. Ask why there are few if any memorials to the Rumneys of Dalton? Can this be so? Speak to us of monuments, tributes. Does this mean a mean origin rather than aristocratic? Do we care, except that transparency is a value I hold dear, in anything, even though I also fall short all the time.!

Track the Rumneys. Timeline of a family.!

Mitt Romney's line may or may not be related to 18th Century painter George Romney. Proof of brothers, John and Thomas, with same last name, 1730's, or different lines?

Romney emigration.  Later Mormon emigrants, a few years after, received financial and social support from a new Mormon corporation here, see the Mormon Perpetual Emigrating Fund. And it was a corporation.
Enter Partisania.

Regardless of background, who have we here, see here, see here:!

Ancestry dot com could tell us, with some DNA applied fairly all around the candidates. Sing along.! 

For culture, add political Latin.  Mitto Mittas Mittat?

Can we educate ourselves to withstand the advertising onslaught, and seek merit?

Or keep a sense of humor about politics, the unknowns that drive us.  For the cultural historians: Do those from a heritage that was abused, abuse in turn? The cycle of abuse? Or is exploitation just natural.!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Budget Follies. QWERTY on Budgets. Rung-remover, slum-grower, or Sense

Topics, by Dint.

Qwerty Budget. Fouled Up Letters to Slow Everybody Else Up
QWERTY Bird sets up rung removal budget, for those not up the ladder yet.  Slum-growers, rejoice.  More will be applying for space.  Those behind Gates, stay there, rejoicing.

Budget Sonnet. Ode to the Chopping Block. Budgets on it. RU?
When ordinary speech fails, turn to the classics.  It takes time to read a poem about anything.  No speed-reading works.  Try it. On the chopping block.  RU?

Health in National Productivity. Issue shunted.l
Health care chopped. Sure.  Cut access to health care from kids to elders.  More budget follies. Go, Vermont, with your single payer discussions.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hitler The Propaganda Meister. Read Mein Kampf for Today.

By Dint.

Hitler by Paraphrase. Examine Mein Kampf. Unser Kampf: Our Struggle
Read the Meister, in your own terms.  Learn his propaganda techniques. Hitler is too easily dismissed today because of his racist views.  Pay attention to how he got as far as he did.

Godwin's Law, that anyone invoking Nazi or Hitler comparisons, thereby stops the discussion, only applies where the comparison is not appropriate.  Here, the Hitler information is not furtherance of a "Nazi meme" but rather history calling for an analysis in order to spot the techniques operative now, that worked so well for him then.

Government as Marketer, German WWII, Nuremberg Stadium
If you can take a child to Germany, to Nuremberg, to Bergen Belsen, to Buchenwald, do.  Then ask why so many were persuaded of such a pernicious devastating theory for so long.

Propaganda InRoad. The 1920's Speak. Adolf Hitler and Others Look at Today's Minions
What tactic gets inroads into decent people's thinking, by giving perks and position, and avoiding merits of a full discussion.  Here, a probably well-meaning minion follows where she is told to go, but seems to have no understanding or desire for independent vetting of the positions she has to get the people to demonstrate for.  Sound convoluted?  So is the process.  Meet Adriana Inman and the Koch-Koch sandwich. Adriana.  Call me.

When Roots of Belief are Propaganda. Hitler's Playbook. Goes to Washington.
Read Mein Kampf as a playbook.  Go, team. You can do it!  Just follow the steps.

Media Complicit in Spreading Propaganda by Refusing to Call It Out
Media wants propaganda to spread, defined as positions without the requirement of examining supporting facts. Is that so?  Major broadcast, cable. All appear to act as conduits for propaganda, re-running entire ads, unquestioning interviews, channeling it without critique.  Why?  Do the owners want it that way?

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Timelines. Historical Chronologies, Dates and Commentary

Gristmill. By Dint.

Guns NRA Growth Timeline. Presented by Other NRA, With Demise Events
Natural Resource Auxiliary (other NRA) presents the Guns NRA Timeline and History, in order to distinguish itself. See mass shooting events (3+) interspersed with NRA Growth events, and January 2011 updates as to selected January 2011 shootings of police officers (>3)

Western Ethnic Violence Timeline: Against Non-Papal Christians; Non-Christians; Jews
How drive for Empire changes religion as well as politics. Watch the 600-year head start of papal western Christianity spread by violence in persecutions, exclusions, deaths for conformity; before Islam even was born. How did a peaceful, insightful teacher and healer, become a sworded militancy in furtherance of Empire, Papal and Charlemanic. Islam, after founder's birth 570 est. expanded with its own violence, but allowing some coexistence, into rest of Middle East, Eastern Europe, North Africa, Spain until 1492 ousted.  Meanwhile, Christian Crusades, more territory invasions, forced conversions, kill "heretics", etc. Then another Islamic empire, Ottoman Empire 1299-1923, spread into Eastern Europe, Balkans, stops at Vienna.  Anybody violence-free? No.  To be developed.

Harald Bluetooth and Vikings; Papal Christian Invasions of Norse-Germanic Lands
What triggered the Norse, the Viking revenge against Christian monasteries, then broader, to Christian lands. Speculate if the degree of violence is connected to the violence of the Christian invasions, forced conversions, attacks on populations, dispersals. See Charlemagne.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Psychological Operations PsyOps Undermine Democracy


Studying Wars: Wars for the Mind. Psy Ops Coming At You   The world of strategic reality, deep morality, techniques for sabotaging governments (CIA v. Sandinistas, Nicaragua field manual), separate responsibility for the apple-pie training from the guerrilla-militia-lone wolf.  Psychological Operations to hold the system afloat, sell it to the public, watch the whirlwind. Who, me?
Joy of Equivocating: Nate Rudy Asclater Joins the NRA
Psy Ops gets a recruit.  Everyman succumbs to commercial psy ops;  a banker runs the NRA.  Somebody track that bank. Get your training in apple pie group guns here. Then, with blessing, use it in militia, guerrilla work, lone wolfishness, there. Psyops feed malfunctioners

Psy Ops for Everyman. Sabotage a Government. Nate Rudy Gets a Handbook. CIA Manual
Psychological Operations tactics. These are now in the mainstream, published on the Internet,  spawning interest groups and other sites developing and honing the concepts.  How to subvert.  Start here. Right after you.  Nate Rudy Asclater gets familiar with it, has questions.
Fodder Site: Democracy's Pitfall Dug by Psy Ops in Politics. Part II 
The psy ops whose effectiveness research taxpayers paid for, is now used against them. Deep persuasion at the revolving doors of the Think Tanks, military, commercial sales (the strategic art of advertising) and political power group interests. Shape me, pleads the unknowing voter whose access to full information is crippled.  Shape me.Psy ops manipulate voters

Fodder Site: Democracy's Pitfall Dug by Psy Ops in Media. Part I
Media ownership and objective information.  Information aired reflects the ownership interests. Give free air time to ads of the candidate of the ownership's choice. Go ahead. Save the candidate millions by being a booster behind the masque. Psychological operations undermine democracy.

Bellwether Haiku: The President's Speech Rehearsal, Hamlet's Soliloquy Redux
Psy ops in history. Young Hamlet weighs, when or if to strike back at what he believes to be a dastardly plot before his very eyes, and seeks just a little more proof before Acting.  Scenario:  Hamlet's father, the beloved old good King Hamlet, had been surrounded by plotters with unspoken agendas.  When the opportunity came, his enemy, his own brother, struck. Issue: How can anyone in power govern without one eye permanently on the plotters who care about the seat of power, not the common good as a priority.  Vardels!  Vardels!  The one bearing the title bears the vardels. Meet the persuasion techniques of the usurping King Claudius. Persuasion techniques: fast, effective.  Hamlet's analysis, thought, merit: takes time, thorough review, searching.  Follow a President who, like Hamlet, must weigh when and how to move to counter persuasion obstructing merit considerations. The Soliloquy and the Speech Coach. Fardels.Psy Ops.  Historical.

Natural Pragmatism. NRA history, timeline, projects, inculcating.
The Natural Resource Auxiliary distinguishes its NRA organization with the Guns NRA, and sees fertile fields being further fertilized. Get with the Program. One easy step from training, concentrating and regimenting child's play at bang-bang, from spontaneity and bop the bunny once in a while to see if you can, to militia-guerrilla-lone wolf land.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Origin of Swedes: Sigge Fridulfson, Odin. Odin Incarnate? Odin Imposter? Norse Legends, Religion.

By Dint

Sweden Road Ways: Swedish History: 
The history we find so far. Odin as Man or, in a belief system, a God himself, as other manifestations of the deity in other cultures. How to get at a pre-Christian concept when all the records are by Christians with agendas. Tribe of Dan perhaps. Odan. Wotan. Origins. Note, however, that Godan is from the World of Warcraft, or a Japanese belt rank, but perhaps there was a divine revelation to the commenter on Godan. Enjoy, Godan.

Bogomilia. Sigge Fridulfson. Legend, Odin, Leader? Sweden's Founding
Look to Swedish roots in the Caucasus, and a migration led (it is said) by Sigge Fridulfson.  He had fought admirably against the invading Romans; then simply went North, in the persona of the god Odin. Or was he Odin?

Bellwether Haiku. Parthenos, Parthenogenesis, Genesis North
Persuasion of the Swedes: role of myth, meet The Gylfaginning. Norse beginnings Big Innings: and the Deception of Gylfi, who went to the gods to find out how Sigge Fridulfson (Fridulfsson) could be so successful. Was he really a god?  Whose view survives.  Other beginnings in myth: concept of parthenogenesis. 

What Speaks Zarathustra; Zoroaster; Zoroastrianism References

By Dint

Bellwether, Haiku: Zoroaster To Oprah. Well Done.
Good thoughts, good words, good deeds. The Bountiful Spirit. Follow the good, eschew the Lie. Oprah's new Kind Words channel Channeling. Was JC expressing Zoroastrian ideas, see Egypt and East connections. Is that why religious and other authorities were threatened.
KNGDV: Why Lie? The Role of Lies
Zoroaster on lying. Never. Who can do that? Shall we think before speaking, and try?
Vetting Roots: Stuck in N for Nomad; How Culture Uses Religion
Even after death of pathmaker Zoroaster, successors divide at rules, rituals. Loss of a religion when a culture takes over, as in other religions.
The Fodder Site: Zoroaster. Tolerance. Reconciiation Ground.
Root religion for east and west. Can focus on creeds, rules and laws give way to essential precepts common to all: as in Zarathustra -- truth, help the poor, seek the good. Dualism: can be accommodated. Avoid the Lie, the Meanness.
Plain Meaning. Parthenon, Athena, Parthia, Virgin in Culture, Roots
Parthia -- ancient kingdom, probably Zoroastrian. Discussion in context of roots of Athena Partheneia.